Data and Business

Get more value from
your data

Leverage a single source of data truth and artificial intelligence to enhance business insights.

Centralize your data
and save money

Improve and streamline your reporting and communication with centralized data systems.

Free your team to
focus on business

Ensure your team is focused on their core business responsibilities, not data management.

We offer the following services individually or in combination. It’s in their integration that we can truly deliver transformational impact for your business.

Reporting Services

We help streamline your reporting services, ensuring the same report is not being built multiple times by multiple people. We also gather and share reports for business owners around your company so they can stay focused on their core business. Our reporting work also helps ensure standardization across your business.

Data Warehousing

We help you save money and hassle by warehousing your company data inside a single centralized system. This creates a single source of truth and the foundation for consistent and accurate reporting across the enterprise. We also ensure backup and contingency planning to protect your data at all times.

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

We help you apply cutting-edge data science and machine learning tools and methodologies to create predictive models. These models deliver business insights and will enhance your organizational decision-making capabilities. They can also be leveraged for customer-facing features and services.

Case Study

Learn how Artic Consulting primed a startup for scale and sales growth.

From process improvements to systems integrations to software customization, we worked across Solryza to enhance their operations.

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I recommend companies and people who treat you like a partner. That’s what Artic does. They provided excellent communication through our whole process. I’d highly recommend them.

Chris Quevedo
CEO & Founder

Analysis on Data and
Business Insights

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